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Who we are

We are an audience agency with a wealth of experience in data analysis, media planning and print management. We pride ourselves on remaining media neutral.

Established in 2004 by Adrian Williams, the company has grown steadily and organically over the years. We’ve developed a strong team, all dedicated to focusing on the needs of our clients. We’re certain that we can help you achieve the results you need, whatever the campaign.

We stand out from our rivals because we bring together both customer analysis and acquisition. By doing this we can help organisations recruit, retain and develop customers throughout their long-term relationship with us.

What we do


Planning across direct mail, inserts, door drop, press and outdoor to name just a few channels.


Small direct mail appeals to multi-million insert campaigns.


Bureau services for PAF validation, de-duping, data cleansing and preparing mailing files.


RFV to a pen portraits, maps to predictive models.


We pride ourselves on our rigorous analytical approach to media buying. Where available, we analyse previous campaigns to aid future planning. This not only helps to identify the best performing media for new campaigns, but also gives indications for the future.

We believe that price is vitally important. The large volumes we purchase give us strong negotiating powers within the marketplace, enabling us to achieve the best rates for our clients.

Types of acquisition: Direct Mail, Inserts, Press Advertising, Outdoor, Email, Online Display, Social Media, Door Drop.


We have a data processing bureau to help our clients deliver direct mail campaigns to both customers and prospects. 

We ensure mailings are cost-effective, clean and relevant by removing duplicates, PAF validating the data and removing deceased and goneaway records.

Our software also allows us to produce partially addressed mailing files and enabling clients to target by location or neighbours of current customers.


DM Focus plan and buy print for numerous clients. We are not tied to any one printer or group and can, therefore, ensure print is placed with the most appropriate supplier for any given campaign.

We only place print with reputable companies, all of which take their own quality control very seriously. All are happy to supply paper samples and mock-ups of any piece you produce. We manage the whole process, ensuring your campaign runs smoothly and on time. 

In addition to print management, we can assist in the production of artwork, re-working or creating new concepts to your requirements.


Analysis is also a key part of our business. We undertake predictive modelling on client databases, ensuring the correct customers are mailed at the right time. Pen portraits to help clients understand who their current customers are and mapping to see geographically where they are.

In addition to modelling, we also assist clients with their data preparation by extracting data from their CRM; applying segmentation and any additional variables required for each campaign. This could include prompting or creating variables based on the data within the file.

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